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Overview of Sync IT design


Sync IT consists of 2 main modules: the Management Server and the Sync IT Client.

Sync IT Clients do the majority of the work - they download new files provided by other peers as well as seed to other peers the files they are missing. In file sharing terms each Sync IT Client takes the role of both file sharing server and file sharing client.

Management Server is operated by the admin and controls the behavior of all Sync IT Clients: it sends all clients the list of folders they should sync, according to the policy set on the Management Server, as well as collects clients' reports about file operations, synchronization progress and possible issues. The Management Server is not a Sync IT Client, so by default it does not store any files or folders. It only controls the clients. For convenience and file hosting, the administrator can install a Sync IT Client on the same computer where the server is installed.