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Groups view

Groups view allows to manage all existing groups and add new ones.

  1. “Add” button. Allows to add a new group, assign clients, folders, profile and schedule to the newly created group. See below for more details.
  2. “Edit” button. Allows to edit all properties of existing group. See below for more details.
  3. “Remove” button. Removes selected group. Folders that no longer belong to clients in the group will be removed from Sync or deleted from disk depending on the profile setting “Keep folder data”.
  4. The list of all groups. All columns are self-descriptive
  5. Search box. Allows to search groups by name.

Adding and editing group

Details tab

Allows to enter group name and description. Can be changed later anytime

Folders tab

Allows to add or remove certain folders for the group.

  1. Filter. Can take one of the following values:
    All: shows all folders
    Checked: shows only folders added to the current group
    Unchecked: shows only folders not belonging to the current group
  2. Permissions. Can only be changed when you choose one folder from the list. Can be read-only and read-write. Note that if the folder is unchecked, the current group will not get this folder therefore permission will be ignored.
  3. Path. Can only be changed when you choose one folder from the list. Allows to change folder location for each OS using full path or path macro.

Clients tab

Allows to add or remove clients from the current group. Just check or uncheck the clients on the list. Note that a client cannot belong to 2 groups, therefore if you attempt to check the client which already belongs to some group, the Management Server won’t allow to do that and will show a warning.

Profile tab

  1. Allows to choose a profile from the profiles list. You can create a new profile or edit the existing one in profiles settings.
  2. The list of settings in the chosen profiles. Note that it can only be reviewed here. If you want to change it, you’ll need to navigate to Settings -> Profiles, choose profile and edit it.

Schedule tab

  1. Allows to choose a schedule from the list of available schedules. You can create one in Scheduler.
  2. Overview of selected schedule. It’s overview only and you can’t change it here. To change or create a new schedule, you need to go to Settings -> Scheduler.