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Configuration file

The Sync IT Client configuration file is a JSON formatted file, pre-generated by the Management Server. After downloading the file from the Server, admins need at least adjust the “host” value to force the client to connect to correct IP and port. Please see the table below for the list of config parameters in the “management_server” section:


Default value




Setting to true will prevent client to check server’s certificate fingerprint


depends on certificate

Server certificate fingerprint (one configured in peerServer -> tls section in Management Server config file)


IP:port pair where client will attempt to connect. should be replaced with a real IP!



pre-generated authentication token. Used by server to authenticate client init


The folders_storage_path value is not included in any section. You can use it to configure where Sync should create folders when they arrive from the Management Server. The %DOWNLOADS% default value points to different locations depending on your OS and user running Sync IT client. More information can be found in the path macros article.