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Every client is a Sync instance and is capable of recording its own debug logs. By default, all clients connected to the Management Server do not record any logs. However, if some issues arise, the administrator may turn on logs and collect them remotely with the “Logging” page.

  1. “Fetch” button receives logs from selected clients (you can use standard for your OS combos to select multiple clients - shift and ctrl for Windows and Linux, shift and cmd for OS X).
  2. “Clear” button clears logs on both selected client and server.
  3. “Mode” switch can be changed individually for each client. By default, client records almost no logs, so this should be switched on before some issue reproduces on the client side.
  4. Download available logs packs all logs residing on your Management Server and allows to download them via HTTP.

Note that the fetched logs are stored in /data/client-logs folder (can be changed in the Management Server config file) by default. So you can access them by getting access to your Management Server filesystem.