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Clients view

Clients view allows to overview all clients and their status in one single table.

  1. Status allows to filter out clients by their status:
    - “All” shows all clients ever connected to the management server
    - “Unassigned” shows all clients not belonging to any groups
    - “Errors” shows all clients reporting some errors, preventing Sync from working properly
    - “Warnings” shows all clients reporting some warnings that are important though not preventing Sync from functioning
  2. Groups allows to filter out clients by their group. Since a single client cannot belong to more than one group, all groups are exclusive.
  3. “Details” button opens a window with all the details regarding selected client
  4. “Remove” button removes selected client from the list and disconnects it from the management server. Please note that if a client still has the same bootstrap token as on your management server, it will reconnect after 30 seconds.
  5. List of clients. Columns are self descriptive and can be adjusted by right-clicking the table caption.
  6. Search box. Allows to filter clients by their device name.

Client details

Client details shows stats for every folder that is included into a client’s group. Like in clients view, columns are pretty much self-descriptive and can be added or removed with right-click on the table caption.