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Distributing data from one client to many others

It is a typical scenario when some data (e.g., updates, training materials, etc.) needs to be distributed to a number of other computers.

We assume you managed to install Sync IT client to all your computers which are going to receive files as well as to the computer which is going to seed files (it could be the same machine where Management Server is installed).

If you did it right, all online clients are going to be visible in the "Clients" tab. In our sample it would be 3 clients: Server itself, Some Windows, Some Linux.

Server itself is going to host files

Some Windows and Some Linux are going to receive files.

1. Create a folder

Go to the "Folders" tab and click "Add". Name the folder as you like, provide some description for convenience. Don't assign groups for now as they are not created yet. "Secret" is generated automatically and it is not advised to modify it manually as it may reduce randomness.


2. Create groups and assign clients to groups

First we create a separate group for Server itself. It is advised to be separate for 2 reasons:
- we may want to assign it an individual schedule, bandwidth limitations and profile which are assigned to a group, not to individual client
- it is going to have a different permission level to the folder. Folder permission is also assigned in group boundaries.

Name the group, put some description and open the "Folders" tab.

Check the "Software Updates" folder checkbox, make sure it has "Read & Write" permissions and proceed to "Clients" to assign clients to this group.

In the clients list only check the Server itself checkbox and click "Okay". You can adjust profile and schedule for this group later if needed. In our sample we'd use default profile and schedule.

Follow same way to create "My Client Computers" group, assign "Software Updates" folder there with "Read Only" permissions and assign all other clients (Some Windows and Some Linux).

3. Put some data to your server

Sync IT client on your server is going to create folder "Updates" automatically in this location: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\BitTorrent Sync IT"

Once you put some files there, Sync IT will start distributing them to all clients in "My Client Computers" group. Though note, as "Updates" folder has "Read-only" permissions for "My Client Computers", no new files added there by users will get distributed or delivered back to the server.

Client computers will receive "Updates" folder to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\BitTorrent Sync IT" folder by default for your Windows clients and to "/home/<username>/BitTorrent Sync IT" for Linux and Mac clients (see Path Macros for more details).