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Make scheduled backup from multiple workstations to the central server

This article assumes that you have managed to install Sync IT Server and connect Sync IT Clients to it: all online clients show up on the Client tab.

In our example, Server client will be collecting separate backups from Linux and Windows clients.


1. Create two folders where backup will be stored

Windows_Backup and Linux_Backup - are the folders where Windows and Linux will be putting their backups accordingly. Separation by OS here is just an example - in your use case you can make a single back up group or split it in any way you like.

2. Create three groups

Server_group, Windows_group and Linux_group.

Pick to Edit Server_group: assign it to the Server client there. Add Windows_Backup and Linux_Backup folders to this group and give the Server Read-Only access.

Pick to edit Windows_group: assign it to the Windows client, add Windows_Backup folder give the client Read-Write permissions.

Do the same with Linux_group: assign it to the Linux client, add Linux_Backup folder and give it Read-Write permissions.

For each group you can configure schedule for backup while editing. All in all, groups list will look like this:

A folder details will look like on the screenshot: for example, for Linux_Backup a client having RW access to the share will be uploading files to the Server, which has RO access to the share.

Now, all the data saved to Linux_Backup and Windows_backup on all computers that are in the Linux_group and Windows_group will be automatically delivered to your server according to selected schedule.