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Data exchange between workstations

This article assumes that you have managed to install Sync IT Server and connect Sync IT Clients to it: all online clients show up on the Client tab.

In this article a scenario where computers are exchanging files with each other will be described.

1. Creating shared folder

First of all, you need to create a folder within which files will be shared. This can be done on the FOLDERS tab. In our example, files in the ArtProjectX folder will be syncing.

2. Adding clients to groups and folders

You need to decide on how to organize the clients and thus which groups you need to create. Clients within one group will be sharing the same permissions, profile settings, scheduling parameter.

For example, if you plan to have all the clients to have Read&Write access and sync at the same time, you can have one group for all of them. If you need some clients to have Read-Only access or set a different schedule, you'll need to create a separate group for them.

In our example, we will have Windows and iMac clients sync files all day long between each other, and Linux client - has only RO access to syncing files at the end of the day.

Thus we create Exchange_group, and assign Windows and iMac clients to it, add folder ArtProjectX and give the clients Read&Write access. If necessary, you can change Target paths pointing to an already existing directory on a computer or leave the default path macros. Leave schedule at default configuration.

Then create Evening_Backup_group for the Linux client: assign it to the Linux client, add ArtProjectX folder with Read-Only access.

If you need a specific schedule for this group, you need to create it by clicking Server -> Settings -> Scheduler. For example, create a new schedule Evening_backup, and define the preferred time of syncing:

Pick the new schedule when configuring Evening_Backup_group.

3. You can utilize these groups for other folders

Further, you can create another folder, some Field Files. Provided you want to share it only between iMac and Windows throughout the day, the flow will be the following.

On IT Server, go to the FOLDERS tab, create a new folder, give it a name. Right on the next Groups tab you can pick an already created Exchange_group and give it Read&Write access, and adjust the wanted path. So folder Field Files will be added to iMac and Windows, which belong to the group.

You can also add Evening_backup group and give it Read&Write access, but remember that it'll be syncing only in the evening as per schedule assigned to this group.

Once you put files to these folders, Sync IT will start syncing them in accordance with the groups rules (schedules, permissions) to all clients sharing the folder.